Meadowside Maths

At Meadowside Primary School, we aim to develop pupils’ mathematical skills and confidence with the belief that everyone can achieve.   We follow a mastery approach to the teaching of maths, based around Maths-No Problem! teaching methods and structure from Year 1 to 6.  We place a strong emphasis on problem solving and discussion within the teaching and learning to help make mathematics engaging and interesting.  

We support our children to develop a profound understanding of fundamental maths by developing the core competencies for maths: 

  • Metacognition – thinking about thinking – How do you know? Developed through discussion. 
  • Visualisation – using resources or creating an image to represent a situation to make sense of it. 
  • Generalisation – drawing general statements from specific cases (pattern spotting). 
  • Number Sense – seeing where it is appropriate to use known number facts. 
  • Communication – communicating mathematical ideas using precise mathematical vocabulary both verbally and in writing. 

To support our children in building a strong recall of core number facts, we subscribe to Numbots and TT Rockstars.  Having a secure recall of number facts ensures that children become confident mathematicians, able to apply their learning to a range of different contexts.

Numbots Website

Timestabls Rockstars

The following documents outline the Maths-No Problem curriculum and the school overviews for each year group


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At Meadowside Primary School we believe that teaching children is a partnership between family and school. Parents/carers are a vital part of our Meadowside community. There are many opportunities for you to be involved and we look forward to sharing these times with you.