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At Meadowside Primary School, we aim to provide a high quality History education with opportunities for pupils to engage in historical concepts. History is about real people who lived, and real events which happened in the past. History is concerned with sequence, time and chronology and is the study of evidence about the past; it gives us a sense of identity, set within our social, political, cultural and economic relationships.


In Early Years Foundation Stage, pupils are taught History discretely during their EYFS Curriculum of Understanding the World (People and Communities). Pupils are given the opportunity to practice learning through their continuous provision which enables children to return to their explorations and consolidate learning over the course of a day or a more extended period.

In KS1 and KS2 we have adopted the Chris Quigley milestones approach which fulfils the requirements of the National Curriculum. This provides a robust, systematic approach to learning, thus ensuring a purposefully sequenced and vocabulary rich curriculum.


History aims to ensure that all pupils have:

An excellent knowledge and understanding of people, events, and contexts from a range of historical periods and of historical concepts and processes.

  • The ability to think critically about history and communicate ideas very confidently in styles appropriate to a range of audiences.
  • The ability to consistently support, evaluate and challenge their own and others’ views using detailed, appropriate and accurate historical evidence derived from a range of sources.
  • The ability to think, reflect, debate, discuss and evaluate the past, formulating and refining questions and lines of enquiry. 
  • A passion for history and an enthusiastic engagement in learning, which develops their sense of curiosity about the past and their understanding of how and why people interpret the past in different ways. 
  • A respect for historical evidence and the ability to make robust and critical use of it to support their explanations and judgments.
  • A desire to embrace challenging activities, including opportunities to undertake high-quality research across a range of history topics.

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