Academic Year: September 2019 – July 2020

Autumn Term 2019
Monday 2nd September Teacher Training Day 1 (school closed)
Tuesday 3rd September Teacher Training Day 2 (school closed)
Wednesday 4th September 8.45am School opens to pupils
Friday 25th October 3.30pm School closes for half-term holiday

Half term

Monday 4th November 8.45am School re-opens to pupils
Friday 20th December 3.30pm School closes for Christmas holiday

Spring Term 2020
Friday 3rd January Teacher Training Day 3 (school closed)
Monday 6th January  8.45am School opens to pupils
Friday 14th February 3.30pm School closes for half-term holiday

Half term

Monday 24th February 8.45am School re-opens to pupils
Friday 3rd April 3.30pm School closes for Easter holiday

Summer Term 2020
Monday 20th Teacher Training Day 4 (school closed)
Tuesday 21st April 8.45am School opens to pupils
Friday 8th May School closed for VE/May Day Bank Holiday
Friday 22nd May 3.30pm School closes for half-term holiday

Half term

Monday 1st June Teacher Training Day 5 (school closed)
Tuesday 2nd June 8.45am School re-opens to pupils
Friday 17th July 3.30pm School closes for summer holiday

  1. Changes in legislation means we are unable to give permission for children to take holiday in term time. Any holiday taken in term time will be treated as unauthorised absence and will be taken into account when referring parents and families to the Education Welfare Services.

Term Dates 2020-2021

Term Time

Term Begins

Term Ends

Staff Training Days

Autumn 1 2020

3rd September

23rd October

1st* & 2nd September

Autumn  2 2020

3rd November

18th December


Spring 1 2021

5th January

12th February

4th January*

Spring 2 2021

22nd February

26th March


Summer 1 2021

13th April

28th May

12th April

Summer 2 2021

8th June

20th July

7th June

Teacher training days 2020 to 2021*

LA Proposed dates:

  • Tuesday 1 September 2020
  • Monday 4 January 2021

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At Meadowside Primary School we believe that teaching children is a partnership between family and school. Parents/carers are a vital part of our Meadowside community. There are many opportunities for you to be involved and we look forward to sharing these times with you.