At Meadowside, our intent is for every pupil to leave the school as well-rounded individuals who have the knowledge and skills required to make positive choices for themselves, their bodies and those in the community around them.  We want to give them a safe space within the school that they can ask questions and learn from each other by listening to different perspectives.


In Early Years Foundation Stage, pupils are taught through discrete ‘Protective Behaviours’ lessons as well as adapting PSHE teaching to meet pupil’s needs. PSHE provision is also given through: role-play, storytelling, physical education and problem solving are used to help build pupil’s social and emotional development, their understanding of physical health and the world around them and their communication and language skills.

In KS1 and KS2, we have adopted the ‘You, Me, PSHE’ scheme of work which fulfils the statutory requirements of relationships and health education as well as sections that are not required under the same guidance. The primary PSHE curriculum strands of learning are: relationships and health education, drug, alcohol and tobacco education, keeping safe and managing risk, mental health and emotional wellbeing, physical health and wellbeing, careers, financial capability and economic wellbeing, identity, society and equality.


By implementing PSHE as set out by this policy, pupils will develop the skills they need to manage their own health and wellbeing, the knowledge of how different kinds of relationships work and  understanding of their place in the local and wider community. 



Relationships and Sex Education (RSE)

In July 2019, The Department for Education released a document changing the previous Sex and Relationship (SRE) guidance to the new Relationships, Sex and Health guidance (RSHE).

Relationships, Sex and Health Education is lifelong learning about physical, sexual, moral and emotional development. It is about the understanding of the importance of stable and loving relationships, respect, love and care for family life. It involves acquiring information, developing skills and forming positive beliefs, values and attitudes.

By law, primary schools are required to teach relationships and health education, alongside National Curriculum Science and within the context of Safeguarding.


At Meadowside Primary School we acknowledge that parents/carers are a child’s first and most effective teacher and that is why we believe it is essential that our parents are part of the planning process and are fully informed. Thank you to all those that attended to our HT coffee morning about RSE.

Schools are legally required to teach the content of the National Curriculum and as a result, what is taught is ultimately the decision for the School. The right to withdraw children from lessons is explained in the policy.

Please see guidance, FAQs and policies on the side tab.

What does a good quality RSE lesson look like for us at Meadowside Primary School?

We dedicate teaching time to RSE in every school year, so that our pupils can revisit and build on what they have learned. 

Techniques we use to deliver RSE lessons:

  • Games
  • Storybooks
  • Circle time and question box activities
  • Drama and role play
  • Art
  • Videos

Pupils in specific year groups will also receive sessions from the school nursing service each year. Information about this will be shared with individual year groups. 

All the resources we use in lessons are completely age appropriate and allow our pupils to deepen their understanding. 

Some of our RSE may be taught as a whole-class exercise, but at times children may also be split up into boys and girls or small groups at times: for example, children might be taught about puberty in single-sex groups. We set ground rules for our lessons and ensure we provide an environment that is safe, inclusive and respectful. All answers are answered carefully and thoughtfully. 

If you have any questions about our RSE curriculum, please do not hesitate to contact school or speak with your child’s class teacher.


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At Meadowside Primary School we believe that teaching children is a partnership between family and school. Parents/carers are a vital part of our Meadowside community. There are many opportunities for you to be involved and we look forward to sharing these times with you.

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